The Economist: ‘Global fertility has collapsed’

The Economist, an oracle for politicians, journalists, and economists everywhere, has turned bearish on the future of humanity. The theme of its latest cover story is that world is running out of people. Exhibit A in its sombre look at the future of the world economy is a seven-minute mockumentary produced by the Italian baby […]

The Philippines is chasing a ‘demographic sweet spot’. Will it fall off a cliff?

We history buffs just love demography. Why? Because demography makes, shapes and orchestrates all that history. A sterling example is found in that lush South Pacific archipelago known as the Philippines. So here goes. On Easter Sunday, March 31, 1521, Captain Ferdinand Magellan’s fleet chaplain Father Pedro Valderrama celebrated the first Roman Catholic Mass in […]

Ukraine war: what we know about the Nova Kakhovka dam and who gains from its destruction

The destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam came just as Ukraine’s much-anticipated counter-offensive seemed poised to begin. The breaching of the dam, apparently caused by a massive explosion or explosions has spilled water from a 16 sq km reservoir across a huge area of the Kherson region of Russian-occupied southern Ukraine. Thousands of people have […]