‘Wrongful conception’ is a wrongful conception

Judge Rosalind Coe QC ruled that a 20-year-old disabled woman who aspires to be a Paralympic showjumper has won the right to sue for millions in damages.  Her mother’s doctor failed to advise her to take folic acid supplements before Evie’s conception in 2001.

Time for “Plans B” on climate policy?

An eminent scientist believes a new orthodoxy, “The Science,” has squeezed out real science and infected the media and political class who fail to study carefully the massive amount of information contained in reports from the UN and the federal government.

What are ‘death doulas’ and why is the assisted suicide lobby so interested in promoting them?

Most people have heard of doulas, specially trained people who help pregnant women during pregnancy, labour, birth, and immediate postpartum by providing “emotional, physical, and informational support”. My daughter used a doula for both of her children and was so happy with the results that she is considering taking the training to become a doula […]